Late arrival: Please know that your appointment is scheduled specifically for you! It is truly appreciated that you arrive on time so that we may give you the extraordinary service you deserve! Please be courteous to those who have appointments after you. If you arrive late and it will go into the next appointment your appointment will be adjusted accordingly. Full payment is expected(remember we don't get paid if you don't pay). If you are running late please call or text and we may be able to fit you in or adjust your appointment without a problem. It can also save you a trip if we will not be able to see you.

Missed appointment: Please be respectful of our time as well as other clients. You appointment could have been utilized for another client. If you miss your appointment full payment of scheduled service will be required. If you have more than one missed appointment without proper notice you will need to prepay for the next appointment. Reminders will be sent via text and email to ensure you have proper notice.

Same day cancellations: We require 24 hours to cancel an appointment to be able to try to fill your spot. With less than 24 hours notice you will be required to pay 100% of you scheduled service. More than one same day cancellation will result in having to prepay for your appointment.

Children: Children are not permitted in the studio. The waiting area is unsupervised and the treatment room is full of dangers. We have hot wax and chemicals that are not suited for children. If there is another adult, they can wait in the waiting area with children. There are no exceptions to this policy, our insurance does not allow it.

Refunds and Exchanges: No refunds will be given for services. Opened products can only be exchanged for a similar product within 15 days of purchase for equal or lesser value. You may pay the difference for a more expensive product. Unopened products can be exchanged for 30 days.

This is a professional establishment, if for any reason a service provider feels the client is behaving inappropriately the service will end immediately and the client will need to leave the premises.

Cell Phones: Please keep all phones on vibrate or silent while in the waiting area to be sure you do not disturb a client receiving a treatment. No use of electronics will be allowed while receiving waxing treatments. Intimate waxing services require your full attention and participation (you may need to hold the skin taught) and during facial waxing services it could get in the way. If you choose to use your phone during a facial, that's up to you but it would be more relaxing to unplug for a bit!